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Mission Statement

To contribute to the paranormal field by investigating paranormal claims, learning about paranormal phenomena, teaching others about the subject, and providing guidance to those who may have experienced paranormal activity.

Our investigation services are free of charge and all evidence collected is objectively analyzed by our team, organized and presented to you for review. All information is kept strictly confidential and your privacy is completely secure.

We document and analyze all of our findings during our investigations and attempt to determine the true nature of the activity.  Are hopes that through research and a common sense approach, we can achieve a better understanding of any possible phenomena. When investigating the paranormal, we make every effort to find legitimate answers to unexplained phenomenon. We also take into account the impressions of researchers and psychics. Additionally, there may be times when all approaches are unable to fully explain paranormal events in question. In the paranormal field, not every question ends with an answer.  We will not attempt to create elaborate conclusions for unanswerable questions.

The Team


Jason is married to his best friend Tania, and father to 3 amazing kids. Jason is an Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director with numerous films to date. Jason is the owner of Spots Boards which makes custom wooden Ouija boards and is also the owner of LEP Productions and JABB Pictures. Jason is Founder of Lake Erie Paranormal which is a paranormal team based in the Toledo, Ohio area. Jason is a station manager for Ztalk radio and host of Paranormal Mysteries Podcast and Stirring The Pot. Jason also help's plan the paranormal convention...Paranormal Toledo at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio in September.


Husband, Father, Paranormal Investigator, Podcaster, Cryptid Researcher, Speaker, Emcee, Public Nuisance. Jay is best described as an Open Minded Skeptic. Since getting involved with the paranormal he has experienced to much to say that there is nothing there. But hasn't found enough evidence to prove anything is. Besides being a Station Manager at ZTalk Radio Network he is also the Host on Paranormal Mysterious Podcast, Sit Chat & Laugh With The Lynch's, and Stirring The Pot.


Wife, mom, paranormal investigator, podcaster, energy worker and fire puller. Teresa has been investigating the paranormal for about 8 years and loving every minute of it. Enjoys meeting and working with new people. She has a natural ability for fire pulling (a form of energy healing). She is also a Host on Paranormal Mysterious Podcast, Sit, Chat & Laugh with the Lynch's and The TNT Show on


Teena Duchesne
Psychic-medium/Public Speaker/Event Coordinator

Teena has been working as a psychic/medium/investigator in the field for seven years. She has planned numerous events and has been known to captivate an audience when guest speaking. Teena is a founder of PO3 Paranormal and is now branching out, while still representing her team. She will continue to travel Canada and the US to seek the unknown and become a valued member of the Paranormal field


Brian is a versatile individual, whose passions for creative expression, paranormal investigation and empathic observation, have inspired his work: exploring the unknown and uncovering hidden truths. I am an active Law Enforcement officer, Martial arts instructor, Native American Speaker, Movie/TV  prop maker & Japanese weapons restorer.

Being raised in various religions and active in the Native American community brings an opportunity for me to study and view our research from various aspects.

Native tribes and many religions carry the same message, and speak of a Great Spirit. They believe that the connection between man, beast, plant and earth is a fine balance. Their belief in a hereafter, and a Great Spirit who connects the living and those who have gone, is echoed in many belief systems today. 

Dave Paranormal.jpg

Dave is a 1993 graduate of the University of Toledo.  Dave specialized in Broadcast Communications with an emphasis in Radio and TV production.  A former radio personality turned computer networking engineer, Dave is currently employed by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library.  Dave's current position allows him to specialize in technology, data cabling and inter-connectivity between multiple devices.  Dave also was the Director and Editor of the Library's Sight and Sound Video History Project. Dave's side work involves Data Network security and computer forensics.  Dave is married to Candie having three daughters, Grace, Allison and Abigail.  The family as a whole loves the paranormal, and Dave is looking forward to actively participating in many of the team's investigations.

Dave, the Tech Guy
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