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Professional Affiliates
Please click on our links is a kind of radio Talk 
Radioways allows you to listen and record free www-ztalkradio-com online and more than 40,000 FM radios and live Internet radio world of the Internet.


LEP PRODUCTIONS...….This production company is owned by Jason Arthur and was started in 2017. Jason also owns JABB Pictures and recently merged the two companies together keeping the name LEP Productions. There will be numerous movie releases coming soon under this name. Also this company is backing numerous filming projects and radio podcasts as well. This company is working hard to bring you tons of new things.


Hindsight Paranormal is a small group dedicated to Paranormal Research. From residentials to businesses they offer their help to anyone suspecting paranormal activity in their location. They have a wide Network of people and experience levels to help find you answers.


In October 2017 friends banded together to share with the world their love of history and the unknown, forming PO3🖤 paranormal.

Margie Richardson and Teena Duchesne are two gifted women who have committed themselves to sharing the paranormal realm with anyone that will join in on their journey. Teena is a psychic/medium whom speaks very openly about the importance of using science and history in conjunction with psychics in the field. Margie is a gifted empath who grounds and protects the group as a whole. These women believe in preservation, education and inspiration, hence the name PO3🖤(power of three). Together they commit themselves to bringing people together in the paranormal field (both experienced and beginners). Please join them on their adventures as they travel across North America to historical and unusual locations.


Scotty Rorek Psychic Medium

Scotty Rorek is a psychic medium whose mission is to bring spiritual understanding to people searching for answers. He works toward that mission through education, medium-ship, and mentoring. To educate people, Mr. Rorek created, an internet radio station that focuses on paranormal and psychic programming. In addition to that, Mr. Rorek provides insightful lectures at paranormal/psychic conventions. 

As a medium, Mr. Rorek provides messages to many people for their comfort, assurance, and guidance, both as individual and group readings. His medium-ship has also been featured in the Booth Brothers' documentary "Children of the Grave 2." and soon a documentary "Lilly's Cry" a Ghost Walk Studios film.

Because of Mr. Rorek's experience with his psychic perceptions, he often guides and mentors others who are trying to understand and use their own psychic abilities. 


Jason Arthur is a actor, writer, producer and director from Toledo Ohio. He has been involved in such films as Dead Bodies in #223, NightBlade, Truth or Dare 5, The Winery, Magnetic Highway, Magnetic Highway exit 2, Kill Dolly Kill Dolly Deadly 2 and also filming a paranormal series called Paranormal Mysteries. With still a few projects to go in 2018.


LAKE ERIE PARANORMAL..... We are an established paranormal team made up of mostly active and retired law enforcement officers. With the different backgrounds of our members we bring different ideas and approaches to investigating. We are involved in numerous charity events and give back to the community whenever we can. We are very involved in helping at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio with paranormal investigations, and are also part of planning "Paranormal Toledo" which is an annual paranormal convention in September. 


Paranormal Mysteries Podcast on Ztalkradio

Sundays 8-9 PM Eastern

Paranormal Mysteries Radio is a show with 4 great friends Jay and Teresa Lynch,Rick Rose and Jason Arthur that will get together each week with nothing off limits. This is not just a paranormal show!


Sit Chat & Laugh with the Lynch's Podcast on Ztalkradio

Mondays 8 to 10 PM Eastern

Sit Chat & Laugh with the Lynch’s is a podcast like no other! Listen in as Jay and Teresa Lynch are joined by guests from all over! Always looking to learn, there is no limit or topic they won’t discuss!


The TNT Show Podcast on Ztalkradio

Wednesdays 9-10 PM Eastern

What happens when two friends discover they have a mutual love for everything metaphysical? Tune in and listen to the TNT show Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST.


Toledo’s largest and oldest structure, The Collingwood Arts Center, is an immense and ominous, 6 floored, high pitched tile roofed brick building, with an attic and huge basement, made complete with elaborately carved window frames and a mansard roofed tower. Its architecture is described as being a “Flemish Gothic” design, blending Gothic and Romanesque styles.

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